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Vanessa Rockel

Vanessa Rockel is the IHR's Fellowships Officer and Managing Editor for 'Reviews in History' 

Vanessa is responsible for the Institute's programme of junior, senior and research fellowships, as well all prizes and awards administered by the IHR. She also has responsibility for the Institute's online research service, 'Reviews in History'.; tel: +44 (0)20 7862 8747

Institute roles

Vanessa is Fellowships Officer and Managing Editor of the IHR's Reviews in History. As Fellowships Officer, she runs the annual fellowship competitions and works with both Junior and Senior Fellows throughout the year. Vanessa is also responsible for the IHR's annual prizes, research awards and bursaries administered by the Institute and its partners. As Managing Editor, Reviews in History, Vanessa is responsible for the content and development of the Institute's digital reviews service.

Vanessa joined the IHR in 2014. Before this, she worked at School of Advanced Study (SAS): first as a Research Officer in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies on the Ruth First Papers and the Commonwealth Oral History projects; and then as a Research Degree Officer in SAS Central.

Vanessa has degrees in Middle Eastern and Islamic history, and the history of the Special Operations Executive. She worked for 12 years as a historical research consultant on First Nations history for the Canadian government, as well as on 20th-century American and British intelligence history for a range of historical publications. 

Vanessa's publications

Oral history interviews for the Ruth First Project

(with Matt Mahon), ‘The Ruth First Papers Project: digitising the Ruth First archive’, Review of African Political Economy, 41 (2014), 12-17.