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Junior Fellowships

The IHR's Junior Fellowships provide funding to enable early career historians to complete a doctorate or to undertake post-doctoral research.

The fellowships are available for periods of between 6 and 24 months and are provided in association with several leading learned societies and education foundations.

IHR Junior Fellowships

The Institute offers four categories of Junior Fellowships: 

  • Past & Present Fellowships: for post-doctoral researchers 
  • Economic History Society Fellowships: for post-doctoral researchers in the field of economic and social history
  • Pearsall Fellowship in Naval History: for post-doctoral researchers in maritime history
  • IHR Doctoral Fellowships: for doctoral students completed a PhD, and funded by the Royal Historical Society, the Scouloudi Foundation, and the Thornley Trust

These enable early career historians either to complete doctoral research or to the embark on post-doctoral research, leading to a monograph and other publications. Fellowships are available for between 6 and 24 months.

Our fellowships are open to applicants studying a wide a range of topics and chronologies, though selected awards are restricted to a named subject area. 

Further details of these awards, the eligibility criteria and timetables for annual applications are available on our Junior Fellowships page.

IHR Junior Fellows for 2021-2022

The Institute hosts 21 historians undertaking PhD and post-doctoral research. Fellowships are held in partnership with a range of learned societies and trusts.